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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 19, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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that's it for special report, "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: good evening everybody, i martha maccallum in new york and this is a "the story." breaking tonight, michigan state legislators are purportedly set to head to the white house to meet with the president about the tortured certification process that has been going on in their state. the story is what we are going to watch tonight and tomorrow is that meeting gets underway. rudy giuliani spoke about michigan today and made these claims. >> run of the reasons why the two republicans did not certify in wayne county, michigan, is because the over vote was so high. we have precincts in which two times the number of people who live there including children voted. that's absurd. >> martha: those claims are being investigated -- when you think of election fraud, many think of boxes of ballots that
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arrive out of nowhere or cemetery logs that turn into a dead of night tiebreakers but the more we are learning about what happened, the more it looks like something more subtle, some manipulation that would favor in this case democrats. through a series of state rule changes that kicked in in the weeks prior to the election, these changes made it easier to open up the spigot on what is an acceptable ballot. it got easier in the closing weeks to have a ballot to make it through than it had in the past. that's what we are exploring tonight primarily in michigan and also in georgia. "the new york times" back in september raised concerns about the mail-in ballots that were coming in on norma's numbers for the first time ever, setting analysis that found that in 24 primary elections this year more than 500,000 mail-in ballots were rejected or 2% returned by voters, there's a growing concern that the number of ballots rejected could surpass
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1 million. the democrat lawyer mark elias went to work, he spent a good part of the last year working on these election law changes, proudly tweeting images of lawsuits throughout the months for his side, he did a very good job on all of this. remember this, when stacey abrams lost her gubernatorial election back in 2018, there was outcry. even though there was a record turnout in that election year, her side it said there was voter suppression and claimed that she was the rightful governor of georgia. >> this is not a speech of concession, because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. >> stacey abrams ought to be the governor of georgia. >> the election has been stolen from her using what i think are serious measures. >> martha: her side worked hard to change the rules so that wouldn't happen again, here is a senator lindsey graham talking about and the president election this year, the bar was lower.
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between the elections in the primary and presidential on how to figure out what makes it acceptable and which ones are not acceptable. >> they had a 3.5% rejection rate in the last election -- you know what the ballot rejection rate for signatures was in the selection? 0.3%, the secretary of state did -- that's really polluted the database that you would compare a signature too. they failed to take people off the roles that are not eligible to vote. he got conned into signing a consent decree that's bad for george's election system. >> martha: congressman jeff collins represents the state of georgia and is leading the president's recount effort. some of these rule changes they were put through, they were accepted by the legislature in the state of georgia, is this politics that you have to be really good at this stuff in order to figure out how to fine-tune it?
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i want to remind everybody that mark elias was working on those lawsuits is the same lawyer who was working in connection to steele dossier in terms of getting that rolling and he's been hard at work in this project but has there been anything illegal? >> if we want to talk about the steele dossier, that's a whole different issue. >> martha: i'm just reminding people why they know that name. >> i understand -- this didn't go through the legislature. the consent decree did not go through the legislature, it was based on lawsuits the democratic party in georgia did to weaken the standard on which verifications in georgia are made on absentee ballots. in georgia if you vote early in person, you have to actually show a physical ballot photo i.d. but with these signature ballots, you did not end the way a consent degree is working signed in march of this year is they can compare it to any
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signature. at some places did not go back to the registered voter card, they went back comparing it to the application for the absentee ballot with the ballot itself which opens itself up for fraud. also them coming down in georgia -- let me be real clear. there is not a voter suppression, the only voter suppression coming from stacey abrams complaining about this when she got beat. from 2014 to max 2020, the issue of minority participation voting in georgia has doubled. we've had 10 to at 12 to make a 15% increase, an african-american and hispanic male and female voting. the only issue of voter suppression is the democrat party suppressing the vote and trying to make it work where they can have signatures not in check. the issue is plain, you don't know 3% rejection rate in an election in which you have
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substantial amount of absentee ballots over what you had in 2018, it's just wrong. >> martha: we made that point, turnout was higher in stacey abrams election even though she claimed there was voter suppression in that election. the question becomes when you look at this variance there, the ballots that were able to get through and we know in some cases and tell me if this was the case in georgia -- did they change the sensitivity level on what matches on a signature so that some of these machines -- you can turn it up or turn it down in terms of how close, what percentage close that signature needs to be? >> the voter match here, was actually physically looking at the different ballots. this is an issue of they are supposed to be checking when they actually are not and that has become the issue we are trying to deal with with the secretary of state.
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you talked about ballots being found -- if we had not asked for this recount in georgia, you realize there would've been over 3,000 votes for the president, 8,000, 10,000 votes in total that were never counted. if two weeks after the fact in the last 48 hours, they found these ballots that were never counted. this is the problem we are finding in georgia, in addition to these procedural issues, we are finding places that were not even counted and then on top of that, talk about issues with secretary of state, we are finding out local election boards were never given instructions on what to set those machines to to look for extraneous marks, over votes, under votes -- they never got instructions from the secretary of state on what to set it at. you had 159 counties left to their own decision on how to actually set their machines. >> martha: all of this is so eye-opening in a gut wrenching
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way for americans all across the country when you learn how willy-nilly some of these processes are across the country, they are different in every single state. there isn't a federal standard by which we vote in this country and no matter what happens, i think it's a huge eye-opener in terms of how all of this works behind the scenes. you said back on november 9th we are confident we will find evidence of improperly harvested ballots and other irregularities that will prove president trump won georgia, do you stand by that today on november 19th? are you going to prove that? >> i stand by the fact we have found votes the president didn't get, we are looking for those votes as they are finishing up in georgia. we have found issues we can't get into as far as the absentee ballot signature issue, issues of asking the secretary of state to open this up exactly where the ballots came from. if we continue this process, there should be enough interest in georgia and across the country to say what actually happened and knowing the processes were followed in
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georgia, knowing we just found all of these ballots that were never counted and still trying to work and get through the issues of matching verification that we did not have an answer to. >> martha: i think a lot of people across this country are tired of being told they aren't allowed to ask questions about how this works and being shut down -- we see twitter and facebook canceling people for bringing up this issue and wanted to know more about it. this is an interesting exchange between jack dorsey at twitter and senator ted cruz. >> with the following statement violate twitter's policies? "absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud. >> we would label it so people can have more context. >> you've taken the political position of voter fraud doesn't exist, i would note both of those quotes come from the carter baker commission on federal election reform, democratic president
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jimmy carter. >> as one who has been regularly censored by twitter, it doesn't surprise me. everything that remotely resembles a question about this election is being tagged with some kind of a statement at the bottom -- they don't like the president, they never like the president, they didn't want him to be reelected, we had proof of that from google and facebook and others and we been trying to expose it and most media would never touch -- it doesn't surprise me they are going to trying to spin a narrative that everything was fine until all of a sudden we started finding ballots. you've been asking the right questions, we've got to make sure this is open and transparent so americans can have trust in their voting system. in georgia, we have an election on january 5th. >> martha: what's going to change between now and then the in these rules and how can both sides make sure that there isn't any discrepancies?
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>> sunlight is a great disinfectant and we got to put pressure on these counties to make sure they are taking proper precautions with her absentee ballots, there are other issues and we've got to have people turn out, they've got to be part of this process. our secretary of state has got to give clear instructions to these counties on how they are to count the boat so that people can trust to their vote is being counted. >> martha: you have to make sure you have observers on both sides who can report back to their side -- i watched everything, this is the way it went down. what about president trump in georgia? do believe he's going to campaign for these candidates and if he doesn't, do you think they have a shot? >> i think he gets through with making sure his election is taken care of, he's always been supportive of the party and of these candidates, he understands the real nature of what is at stake here. this is a chamber majority in the senate if these republicans are not reelected -- i support
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them, they need to be reelected because we have a real choice down here. you have david perdue and kelly loeffler who represent a conservative majority and you've got all soft and warnock. there's a problem in this election down here and unfortunately we are having to deal with the mechanics of the election rather than what's going to happen on january 5th. >> martha: 8 out of 10 donors for the democratic candidate coming from out of state, money flowing in from everywhere for those races. congressman collins, thank you very much. president trump reportedly summoning two republican legislators from michigan to the white house and what could be an attempt to use the state law to try to overturn the michigan election results. as you can imagine, this has got a lot of people up in arms and interested in what could happen there tomorrow at the white house. guide benson with analysis next.
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>> martha: fox news alert tonight, in what would be a long shot move to change the michigan electors, we've learned president trump has summoned michigan senate majority leader mike sharkey and house speaker lee chatfield to the
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white house for an extraordinary meeting, just hours before the news broke, the trump campaign dropped its federal lawsuit in michigan challenging the states vote tallies, now it seems they are headed in a different direction. joining me now, guide benson, a host of the guide benson show and fox news contributor, good to have you with us this evening. all of this is confusing, the wayne canvassing board are the two republicans and democrats who have been fighting that we've been watching on zoom lately and they've been going back and forth on their decision, now they say they don't want to certify -- tonight i want to get everybody up to speed on news that broke a few moments ago which is that one of the two republican members of the four member michigan canvassing board, the state canvassing board says that he is leaning towards asking for a delay in certification and calling for an audit of the state, he says there are concerns, they're going to delay the certification, your thoughts
4:19 pm
on what's going on there. >> the trump campaign in that press conference today claimed that they dropped their michigan suit because they got their desired remedy which was a delay in the certification in wayne county which isn't what happened. they did certify in wayne county, now you're asking for take back's from the republicans but i'm not really sure how that works legally speaking. what you just described would be a significant update should the other republican go along with it and there is some sort of stalemate in the state of michigan on the deadline for certification whether there is some sort of follow-up investigation or whatever word they want to use to describe it for that to take place. we're still talking about a pretty limited timeline to have an audit. i think the story we lead within the segment about these lawmakers, these leaders from michigan who will lead to the state legislature being summoned to washington by the president -- i don't think it's
4:20 pm
totally out-of-bounds by any stretch to people wonder okay, you look at the context, you look at the timing, why is this happening, why is the president asking these lawmakers to come to washington and is he going to try to apply some pressure on them to perhaps -- i don't know, put in a different slate of electors through the state legislature, doing an end run around the borders of michigan, that is at least part of the speculation. i think we should wait and keep our powder dry and see what actually happens, but i think people asking those questions and may be drawing those conclusions, it is not completely baseless. you can connect a few dots here, it is possible. >> martha: we have seen in 2016, there were a few electors whose states voted for president trump who became what is called a faithless elector and they did not put their elect doors towards president trump and the end. it just going through it michigan law is, it does not include a provision for the legislature to directly select
4:21 pm
electors or to award electors to anyone other than the person who received the most votes. we know joe biden is ahead by 150,000 votes in michigan. this route does seem like a long shot. >> it's and extreme long shot and both of the republican leaders that are coming to washington for this meeting tomorrow or on the record as saying "we're not going to do anything like that." and i think that's the right thing for them to say. i know tensions are high and frustration is high and suspicion is high among many people in this country, particularly trump supporter us but i think in a counterfactual or a hypothetical, if four years ago we saw exactly this type of machination from democrats where president trump president trump had won estate or two and hillary clinton and her campaign said "well, the people have spoken but we're not really sure because russia, maybe they were involved in a lot of democrats believed that, still believe that even though there is no basis that they changed any
4:22 pm
votes -- that's a popular belief on the left. if the clinton campaign said we don't think this is fair and legitimate, let's wait or let's maybe see with what the legislators can do to put different electors in there and put us in the white house and barack obama is going to summon some democrats from the states to say what are you doing in your states, let's see what we might be able to do here -- i think conservatives would rightly have been in the streets screaming their heads off and i would have right there with them because that's not what we do in this country. that would be a shocking departure from our system of governance and the transfer of power in this country. i think this is a very dangerous path to even consider let alone go down. i am very suspicious or skeptical that we're going to get even close to it, but the fact that we are talking about it frankly is unsettling. >> martha: there are some that say the seeds of distrust in the
4:23 pm
election are paving the way for the president to say that it was illegitimate over the course of the next few years if he decides he wants to run again. we know on hillary clinton's side, she told joe biden not to concede under any circumstances in this election, it's been fraught on both sides since thed be sitting on their side if the outcome would've been different. thank you. the two g.o.p. members of the wayne county board of canvassers monica palmer and william hartman will speak exclusively to laura ingraham at 10:00 p.m. tonight, remember some of what was spewed at them, we will show you some of those horrible videos, she's going to talk to them tonight. up next on "the story," president-elect joe biden tries to unify the country to come
4:24 pm
together, but today some on his side are saying no thanks. >> i don't want anybody here to think that we are not winning. let me tell you something, we are winning. it's working, it's happening. >> martha: we will get reaction from another member of congress, congressman dan crenshaw coming up next. over two million meals provided. over four hundred national parks protected. in fact, subaru and our retailers will have proudly donated over two hundred million dollars to national and hometown charities through the subaru share the love event. (vo) get 0% for 63 months and subaru will donate 250 dollars to charity.
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>> martha: a consistent message coming out of the biden campaign has been that it's time to come together to unite behind common interests, but today we heard a much different version from some of the more progressive members of the democratic party who held a press conference outside the nc headquarters demanding immediate action on their proposals for economic reform and for climate change, here's what they said. >> that's what our next move is, to make sure that the biden administration keeps its
4:29 pm
promise. we know that we don't just make that demand and walk away, we have to organize for it, we have to bring the heat for it. >> we're going to make sure the biden administration sticks to our timeline, moving towards our timeline. i ask you, do not move from the needle, do not. we are more than them. >> martha: that at democratic national headquarters, joining me now is republican congressman dan crenshaw of texas, good to have you with us tonight. what is your reaction when you hear those members of congress, colleagues of yours, what they are pushing for at this point? >> i've got to ask the american people -- listen to them, are they who you want in charge? i don't think so and i think that message was rejected at the ballot box, to be honest. joe biden has to deal with this simple fact, he invited socialists to his dinner party,
4:30 pm
made kamala harris come of the most liberal senator in the senate, made her his vp pick -- she is a signatory of medicare for all, takes away your private insurance, signatory of green new deal, green new deal is considered a crucial framework for climate change policy according to joe biden's campaign website. he invited all of these socialists and he can't be surprised when they got drunk on power and now they have a very loud voice which is exactly what's happening. they are not incorrect when they say their winning -- within the democratic party. i don't think they're winning over america, we need to remember something, republicans took back almost a dozen seats in the house and we should be pretty happy about that. i think democratic platform and policy was largely rejected this time and this is what you get when you put socialism on the agenda. >> martha: joe biden is going to have to fight against that, he has said he doesn't want to
4:31 pm
take your private insurance away, he's going to have forces aligned against him but he's going to say look, i got elected, go home and be quiet. >> i wish he would fight against it but i do not view him as this principled leader. all we've seen from joe biden over the years is moving with the political winds, just to be popular and be his party's nominee. he will say he's going to protect your private insurance but let's not forget he was part of the obama administration who lied to us about keeping your doctor, you think they are telling the truth about keeping private insurance? public option is simply a slow roll to medicare for all, there's no other way out of it. it does eventually get rid of your private insurance by undercutting private insurance. they named the green new deal in their campaign website and they can attack our energy industry and they want to transition away from oil and gas and fossil fuels, that's what makes us energy independent. our fracking is what has decreased u.s. emissions back to
4:32 pm
1990 levels. these people don't know what they're talking about, and a second, i think they are lying when they say they are so-called moderates. >> martha: this is jamaal bowman, representative elected democrat from new york, this is what he had to say about it being time for payback. >> black and brown communities organize across the country to make sure joe biden won the white house and he did this. now it's time for payback. now it's time to make sure we invest the resources necessary to rebuild the nation in a way that is representative of all of us. >> martha: your reaction to that. >> it's interesting terminology, what they say rebuild, what they really mean is to destroy. and i think aoc tweeted today how she wants to keep people locked in their homes and spend taxpayer money paying them to be unproductive and to lose their jobs.
4:33 pm
this is not rebuilding anything, this is destroying our way of life. for what? we are getting into a different subject, but for what? what is the benefit of these lockdowns that they want so badly, there is no benefit -- scientifically speaking, the data is out at this point. the benefits are basically nil -- at best unproven but the costs are enormous and they are hurting people. this is what they are advocating for. it's radicalism to the extreme. let's not forget the democrats gained more to their squad and lost the so-called moderates, this is not a good scene for the democrats. >> martha: as you point out, there's a lot of republican pickup in the house and we spoke to the sole g.o.p. representative from new york, she said she's putting together a squad of her own of those members in the house. it's going to be interesting to see those battles of ideas, good to see you tonight. president trump's covid-19
4:34 pm
task force says once the vaccine is approved by the fda, the turnaround for americans to receive it could be a matter of days. assistant hhs secretary overseeing all that is going to join us next, we're going to find out if that's true. >> and now pfizer's partner has announced tomorrow they intend to file for emergency use authorization at the fda. we would expect to see more motor imoderna filing soon
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♪ >> martha: a top georgia election official has just confirmed that the hand recount of the presidential race is now complete and the results affirmed joe biden's lead over republican president donald trump, that
4:39 pm
coming from the ap. this despite the addition of several thousand ballots which we just talked about that were found in three separate counties that have not been counted on election night but were added to the total for both candidates. the white house coronavirus task force held its first briefing in months after the united states surpassed 250,000 deaths. the cdc is now encouraging more than 15 million americans who are projected to travel this thanksgiving to stay home, to rethink those plans, as officials stand at the ready to deliver a vaccine. >> the moment the fda concludes that vaccine is safe and effective, we have a system in place to begin within 24 hours shipping that vaccine to hospitals, health care facilities, and 24 hours after that, literally injecting that vaccine into americans. >> martha: remarkable, operation warp speed.
4:40 pm
joining me now, admiral brett joe -- thank you so much for being here. this is what joe biden said about the vaccine today and the distribution process which we just heard about from the vice president. >> one statistic that was raised by the governors, it took eight months to provide 100 million coded tests -- eight months to provide covert tests -- just imagine how much more difficult it will be they pointed out if we don't find a more efficient and effective way to provide 330 million vaccinations. >> martha: how would you respond to that? >> i would say that's two non sequiturs interrupted by nonsense, comparing testing to vaccination doesn't make any scientific sense. operation warp speed has -- it's
4:41 pm
incredible. we have two vaccines that are 95% efficacious that are safe, and that appeared to work in elderly -- we are going to have tens of millions of doses by the end of the year and the distribution process is sound. the top lodges dish and in the u.s. military with dozens of people working every day, it's timed not to the hour, but to the minute. this is going to be effectively distributed, there is a tiered plan, health care workers, elderly, vulnerable, this is going to be done and president trump has assembled this team, the vice president has worked on it, we've all worked on at the this is really the light at the end of the tunnel, it will be done effectively. if we do need to transition, the first thing i would tell the biden administration is this plan is sound, it's going to work and you need to let it wo work. >> martha: we got two tracks going on right now, their exciting tracks with vaccines and treatments that are becoming more widely distributed as well and the other side of the
4:42 pm
equation we have these charts that are very difficult and hospitalizations increasing, case numbers at the highest levels we've seen -- how would you characterize the virus right now in the united states? is it under control? >> this is the exact right message -- the light at the end of the tunnel is here with the vaccine. it's only weeks away, but we are at the most dangerous and critical time of the pandemic that we've been in throughout the entire year we've been battling this. the cases are rising, hospitalizations are going up. your chances of living are far greater than they were a few months ago, but the deaths are going up because of the numbers of cases and this is why we are so concerned and really urge americans across the country as a doctor did today to please physically distance -- we are to have to avoid indoor spaces like bars and restaurants and we will have to be careful with the
4:43 pm
family gatherings and that's what dr. redfield was talking about today. >> martha: what do you say to people who feel like they listen to cdc guidance is whole time, we've seen much more mask wearing them we've ever seen this whole process and they feel like they follow the guidelines and it's just getting worse, what do you tell them? >> the guidelines work, the united kingdom and france have turned it around with these simple measures and keeping schools and businesses open, not a lock down -- we've done it in arizona, florida, texas, across the deep south. this is what we need to do, this will turn it around. we only have a few more weeks to do this, if we do this we will flatten it, the vaccine will be here and we will protect the vulnerable. >> martha: people have been patient for so long, you tell them to stay home from thanksgiving, these 50 million who are likely to travel. speak of the cdc didn't say that, they recommend the safest thing to do is to stay home because there are risks and
4:44 pm
traveling, if you're going to travel, there are good suggestions on how to be safer in home, please look at the website. very reasonable, make better choices. >> martha: admiral giroir, good to see you. for months, parents across the country have pleaded for the end to remote learning which by all accounts has been a disaster, they are struggling academically and emotionally but now the mayor and the teachers unions say the kids have to go back home, randy white garden joins next. plus what happens when governor cuomo who rode the book on the leadership during covid and he's trying to sell that book right now runs into some tough questions. >> what are you talking about? were not going to override -- we didn't already, that's the law, an orange his own and the red zone, follow the facts. you're confused.
4:45 pm
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>> martha: new york city mayor bill de blasio says the science is what led them to close the schools again, shocking parents across new yo new york. what does the science really say about covid-19 infections in children? according to "the new york times" come out of 16,348 staff members and students tested randomly by the school system in the first week of the text regiment, they got back results and were only 28 positives, 20 staff members and eight students. according to the city's own data, the positivity rate in the schools is around 2%. one headline today raise the question if new york city schools is closing its schools and not restaurants or gyms, should the parents drop their kids off at a bar? joined me now, randi weingarten, president of the american federation of teachers
4:50 pm
representing 1.3 million educators and school staff across the country. i know this is obviously a very sensitive issue and i think one of the reasons that we've heard us to follow the scientists. there's been a study out of brown university, another study by the atlantic which says essentially the infection rate is 0.13 among students and 0.24 among staff. the cdc has recommended that kids stay in school and what we've seen happen in europe and the u.k. is that what has worked is to keep the schools open. why the decision to close the schools in new york at this 3% level? >> the cdc has actually just taken that recommendation you just had off their website, let's see -- >> martha: that was today, let's play that.
4:51 pm
>> k through 12 schools can operate through face-to-face learning and they can do it safely and responsibly. the infections we've identified in schools when they've been evaluated were not acquired in schools, the truth is for kids k-12, one of the safest places they can be from our perspective is to remain in school. >> martha: that was earlier today. >> i think dr. redfield is right and i think you'd be surprised that i agree with you, i think that we need to be focused on what's going on in terms of communities and in europe, we should be closing bars and restaurants and doing a covid stimulus to make sure they stay in business and of trying to keep schools open. what we've learned and frankly the new york city experience is
4:52 pm
really important -- what we've learned is that when you actually do the testing and when you have the safeguards that new york city put in place -- i remember you and i riffed about this when it first started and i kept pushing for those safeguards -- when you put them in place, you see that schools are not super spreading events and that is really good. the problem is that schools are not impervious to all that is going on in the outside and what the mayor sought today or the last couple of days is that in staten island and other regions of the city, you were seeing a trajectory that was going way up. what mike mulgrew and the uft are saying to the city, begging the city, wearing the mask, get the infection rate down because we want schools -- >> martha: the schools need to be open is the point. the kids need to be in the
4:53 pm
schools because what has been decided by the cdc -- it sounds like the unions doesn't want to the teachers in the classroom and the mayor doesn't want the teachers in the classroom, the parents clearly wants the minute classroom and the cdc wants them in the classroom. >> you're not listening to me. what has happened here is that new york city was the only major school district in the nation to actually reopen schools. >> martha: they're closing now, why are they closing now? >> they're closing now because what the city said and frankly what lots of other places are also seeing is a huge skyrocketing increase. >> martha: you're not listening to me, you're not listening to the science. the science says everyone agrees -- we see a spike, we are in a second wave. you and i totally agree on that. what they are telling us is that
4:54 pm
the wisest scientific move is to have the children in school because what we are seeing is a tremendous loss of learning, we are seeing kids who are emotionally unstable because they aren't in a classroom, they aren't seeing their friends and we know from the studies -- this isn't me saying this, this is brown university and other studies, the transmission late is very low, it's a great news story what happened when you open the schools. the kids made out very well, that's wonderful news, they should stay there. >> i agree with you, what mike mulgrew and the uft are trying to do is they are trying to figure out a regional way of opening and closing like they did. >> martha: they don't need to close, that's the point, they don't need to close. >> there is a number -- i know dr. redfield didn't opine directly on new york city and i'm telling you that they -- i
4:55 pm
was surprised that they took that off the website. >> martha: i don't know why they took it off the website you just heard it out of the directors mouth, he just said it today in reaction to what happened to new york because that is been a huge focus late lately. the teachers union sets the 3% threshold, when you hit that -- it's been established by the teachers union over the summer in order to reach an agreement to reopen was a 3% threshold. >> that was actually not true. the mayor's at the 3% threshold, what the teachers union did in new york city afterwards was to say these are the safeguards that we need and this is the testing we need. the good news story here which you and i agree arm is that when you have that testing and when you have those safeguards, we saw that in new york city the schools were basically safe.
4:56 pm
the issue now is the rate of increase that was happening from 0.5 to 3%. >> martha: even given that, all of these experts and scientists say that children are safer in school, it's worked across europe and the u.k., they never close their schools during their second spike and now they are in recovery, they are down 10% and the kids are not missing out. >> what they did in europe and what they did in new zealand is that they have national leadership that did math, that actually close the bars including stimulus. >> martha: given all that, they say they are safer in school. >> they're connected. >> martha: the numbers are rising, the kids are safer in school. >> i agree with you, we've been trying to get kids back in
4:57 pm
school throughout the country and we work in new york city to do it, but we have to get community spread down now. >> martha: i've got to leave it there, new york governor andrew cuomo melting down at a press briefing this week when a "wall street journal" reporter asked to clarify confusion over who holds the authority to shut down the city's schools and here's what he said. >> first of all, let's try not to be obnoxious and defensive in your tone. because you're 100% wrong. >> martha: that was just the beginning, howie kurtz joins us on what unfolded between the reporters and the governor after that. >> it did start with that straightforward question asking the governor would new york city's schools shut down the next day -- the governor snapped at the reporter
4:58 pm
and proceeded to give him a televised lecture. >> what you're talking about, what are you talking about? you're now going to override -- we didn't already. that's the law, an orange zone and a red zone, follow the fac facts. you're confused. >> i don't think it's obnoxious at all. >> i don't really care what you think. >> a "new york times" reporter told the governor later in the briefing that mayor bill de blasio had decided to close the nation's largest school system, that happened today because of rise of covid-19 infection rates. the call became a media darling for his blunt and witty daily briefings, he did a lot of inte, he went on the view, he did stin host chris cuomo and there was some chatter that he should be joe biden's running mate, he just published a book on the pandemic and has defended himself against criticism that
4:59 pm
his policies helped lead to a tragic number of nursing home deaths. the governor is also known in albany sa calculating tough as nails politician, i've known him for three decades since he was running campaigns for his father, he can be aggressive -- we all just saw the bare-knuckle side of andrew cuomo. governors in both parties are struggling to deal with this surgeon covid-19, denver and kentucky have also shut down their schools, governors of utah and north dakota have issued mask mandates, ohio's g.o.p. governor has imposed nightly curfews and one of the reasons why cuomo got so much attention early on was because new york was the epicenter of covid-19, but now the virus is rocking red states, blue states, big cities, rural areas, governors are on the front lines. >> martha: thank you so much, great to have you here tonight. that's "the story," the story
5:00 pm
continues -- we'll see you back here tonight, have a good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," rudy giuliani and a number of the president's other lawyers held a press conference today on the topic of voter fraud. if you didn't actually see it, you probably heard about it by now. giuliani along with a former federal prosecutor called sidney powell alleged the 2020 election was stolen from donald trump. demonstrate that they exhibited some of what they found after two weeks of investigating, the presentation went on for 90 minutes with many different threads which we will tell you that in a moment, how you beat it depended largely on who you voted for tasha trump voters seemed hopeful


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